• Welcome to LaaS!

    LaaS provides community, resources, and tools for early-stage underestimated founders, funders and friends 24-7! Message LaaS anytime and stay in touch by subscribing to Lolita's Newsletter.

  • Who is LaaS?

    The community asked, "can we productize Lolita Taub?" Lolita thought Lolita-as-a-Service was a great idea and created LaaS with Josh's help. Now LaaS is Lolita's co-creator and assistant.


    LaaS products & services include but are not limited to:

    The Startup-Investor Matching Tool

    The Startup-Investor Matching Tool (2020) is a tool that introduces underestimated founders to investors globally.


    We have made over 1.5K intros and 30+ founders have received investment post-intro totaling $4M+.

    The GP-LP Matching Tool

    The GP-LP Matching Tool (2021) introduces underestimated and underrepresented emerging fund managers to LPs globally.


    We have 180+ GPs and 50 LPs on our platform.

    Lolita's Newsletter

    Lolita's Newsletter (2020) is a bi-weekly newsletter of curated actionable insights and resources for underestimated founders, funders, and friends.


    We have 10K+ subscribers.

    LaaS Community

    LaaS Community (2021) is a global community of underestimated founders, funders, and friends supporting each other on our journey to startup-investor success.


    We are 1.8K+ members from 6 continents.